“Zoom Rooms” available at most courthouses to help litigants without phone, computer access

Released On 12/18/2020

Most courthouses in Cook County are now equipped with “Zoom Rooms,” with computers that allow litigants to safely monitor court proceedings, Circuit Court of Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans said on Friday.

The rooms serve litigants who do not have access to phones or computers, and thus have difficulty tuning into court sessions on Zoom. In response to the surge in coronavirus cases, the Circuit Court has ordered that all hearings be held via teleconference whenever possible. The rooms contain multiple computers, and are located in rooms previously used as jury rooms or children’s rooms.

“During this public health crisis, we want the public to continue to have access to justice while keeping safe,” said Chief Judge Evans. “These Zoom rooms have been equipped to allow litigants who may not have adequate technology at home to participate in teleconference hearings.”

Litigants should note that hearings can be accessed by phone as well as by computer. For instructions on how to use Zoom to attend hearings, see this guide.

The Zoom rooms are located in Children’s Advocacy and jury rooms, which are not being used during the pandemic. The rooms are located at:

Criminal Division and Central Bond Court

2600 S. California Ave.

Zoom Room Location: Room 099

Telephone Number: (773) 674-8260

Total Zoom Computers: 3


Domestic Violence Courthouse

555 W. Harrison St.

Chicago, IL 60605

Zoom Room Location: Main Lobby, screening area

Telephone Number: (312) 325-9000

Total Zoom Computers: 9 (managed by OCJ)

The Sheriff’s Office also manages 1 Zoom computer in the Lock-Up area


First Municipal District Courthouses

Richard J. Daley Center

50 W. Washington St.

Chicago, IL 60602

Zoom Room Location: Room CL16

Total Zoom Computers: 6 (managed by Office of the Chief Judge)


Second Municipal District Courthouse - Skokie

5600 Old Orchard Road

Skokie, IL 60077

Zoom Rooms/Children’s Advocacy Room Location: 155B & Jury Room 111 (managed by OCJ)

Telephone Number: (847) 470-7536)

Total Zoom Computers: 3 (2 computers in Room 155B and 1 computer in Jury Room 111)


Third Municipal District Courthouse – Rolling Meadows

2121 Euclid Ave.

Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Zoom Room Location: Jury Room (220) (managed by Office of the Chief Judge)

Telephone Number: (847) 818-2420

Total Zoom Computers: 3


Fourth Municipal District Courthouse – Maywood

1500 Maybrook Drive

Maywood, IL 60153

Zoom Room/Children’s Advocacy Room Location: Room 200 (managed by OCJ)

Telephone Number: (708) 865-5951

Total Zoom Computers: 2

Fifth Municipal District Courthouse – Bridgeview 

10220 S. 76th Ave. 

Bridgeview, IL 60455 

Zoom Room/Children’s Advocacy Room Location: Room 235 (managed by OCJ) 

Telephone Number: (708) 974-7023 

Total Zoom Computers: 2 


Sixth Municipal District Courthouse - Markham 

16501 S. Kedzie Ave. 

Markham, IL 60428 

Zoom Room Location: Jury Room (Room 219) 

Telephone Number: (708) 232-4128  

Total Zoom Computers: 3


Anyone visiting a courthouse is reminded that a face covering is required. Anyone seeking to enter a courthouse without a face covering, or who fails a wellness screening administered at the courthouse, will be denied entry. 

Those seeking information about when they need to attend court should visit the website of the Clerk of the Circuit Court – – for details on how to receive court dates via email and text message. Information is also available by calling 312-603-5030. This document provides instructions on how litigants can get their court dates.  


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