Most domestic violence proceedings will be held remotely under new court order

Released On 08/12/2021

In order to better serve victims of domestic violence, Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans has issued an order allowing all proceedings to go forward by videoconference or teleconference, except for contested hearings. 

The order is intended to notify people whose cases were heard in the Domestic Violence Division from July 26, 2021 through August 11, 2021 and who had subsequent in-person appearances scheduled. These scheduled in-person appearances shall instead be continued for a remote appearance 21 days from the currently scheduled court date. This change applies to any proceeding other than a contested hearing. 

Remote proceedings shall be held for emergency orders of protection (including civil no contact orders, civil orders of protection, firearms restraining orders, and stalking no contact orders); status hearings; hearings on motions; default and uncontested matters; and meetings with the Child Relief Expediter. The order also applies to contested evidentiary hearings when, at the discretion of the judge presiding, there is a waiver of physical appearance by both parties. 

This order does not apply to other contested hearings or any hearing in which the judge presiding over the case determines that a remote proceeding would not serve the interests of justice. 

All orders extended under this order shall be entered by the circuit clerk into the clerk’s case management system, and transmitted by the clerk to the sheriff for entry into the LEADS system. Parties shall be notified of new dates for remote proceedings. 

Chief Judge Evans signed the order on August 11 and it is effectively immediately. 


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