GENERAL ORDER NO. 1.6 - Coordination of Cases Involving Children

(a) Whenever there is a petition pending in the Child Protection Division and a case involving the same family is pending in any other division of the Court, the issues of visitation, custody, guardianship or abuse, neglect or dependency of the child who is the subject of the petition in the Child Protection Division shall be heard and resolved as follows: The judges involved shall confer as often as needed and jointly determine which court shall control and hear said issues as set forth above and shall consider the impact of such orders on siblings, relatives and parties in each case. Where a matter has been pending in a division other than the Child Protection Division, the Child Protection Division and the other involved judiciary will consider the impact, significance and consequences of the Child Protection Division proceeding on the prior pending matters when determining which court will proceed on such issues.

(b) Any judge, in any division, hearing a case involving a family who becomes aware that a petition involving a child of that family is pending in the Child Protection Division, may direct the Clerk of the Court to transmit a copy of all pleadings and orders that relate to the child to the judge hearing the case in the Child Protection Division.

[Amended, effective August 1, 1996.]

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