GENERAL ORDER NO. 3.1,1.4 - Changes of Venue

a. Whenever a judge assigned to the Chancery Division, either on his own motion or upon motion of the parties, grants a change of venue, the case shall be reassigned to the Presiding Judge of the Division who shall order the Clerk to draw by random electronic process from the category bank designated on the original pleading a new calendar number.

(i) The electronic data processing equipment shall automatically exclude the calendar number of any judge to whom the case has previously been assigned.

(ii) Procedures followed by the Clerk when an order for a change of venue is made shall be the same as prescribed in 1.3 a (iv), a (v), a (vi), a (vii), b and c above.

(iii) The excluded calendar or calendars shall appear on the three-part printed form in addition to the information provided in 1.3 a (v) above.

[Amended, effective June 2, 1980.]

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