GENERAL ORDER NO. 6.1 - Captions

a) New Actions - Every complaint or other paper initiating any action or proceeding shall contain in the caption the words "IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS" and the name of the Department and Division or District of the Court in which the action is filed. Complaints in actions on Small Claims within the provisions of Rules 281 through 288 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Illinois shall be endorsed with the words "Small Claims" beneath the caption. Captions of papers subsequent to the complaint shall conform to the style of the complaint. Misdesignation or errors in captions shall not affect the power of the court or constitute grounds for dismissal. Blank forms supplied by the Court containing captions formerly used in the several courts in and for Cook County may be used, regardless of caption, for so long as the Clerk of Court shall determine.

[Dated January 3, 1967.]

(b) Pending Actions - In actions pending on December 31, 1963 A.D., pleadings, motions, orders, court forms and other papers filed on and after January 1, 1964 A.D., should be captioned as provided in section (a) of this order, but shall be valid if entitled in the name of the court in which the action was filed prior to January 1, 1964 A.D.

[Dated January 1, 1964.]

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