GENERAL ORDER NO. 6.2 - Numbering of Actions

(a) New Actions- Every action, upon the filing of the complaint or other paper initiating the action or proceeding, shall be numbered in annual series with the number of the action preceded by the last two figures of the current year and by the abbreviation of the Division or District in which the action is filed, and the Record Series where implemented by the Clerk of the Circuit Court, in the following form:

County Department

Chancery Division 15-CH-12345

County Division

Abandoned Baby 15-COAD-123456

Action in Debt 15-COAC-123456

Adoption 15-COAD-123456

Annexation 15-COAN-123456

Annual Tax Sale 15-COMS-123456

Certificate of Error 15-COCE-123456

Civil Asset Forfeiture 15-COFO-123456

Confidential Intermediary 15-COCI-123456

Disconnection 15-COAN-123456

Drainage District 15-COMS-123456

Elections 15-COEL-123456

Emancipation 15-COMS-123456

Estate Tax 15-COET-123456

Estray 15-COES-123456

Expunge Redemption 15-COTD-123456

Father Identification 15-COFI-123456

Gestational Surrogacy 15-COMS-123456

Habeas Corpus 15-COMS-123456

Indemnity 15-COIN-123456

Inheritance Tax 15-COIT-123456

Mechanic Lien 15-COMS-123456

Mental Health 15-COMH-123456

Minor Marriage 15-COMS-123456

Miscellaneous 15-COMS-123456

Name Change 15-CONC-123456

Parental Notification 15-COPN-123456

Property Tax Appeal Board 15-COPT-123456

Real Estate Tax Refund 15-COTR-123456

Relief After Tax Purchase 15-COMS-123456

Request for Records 15-COMH-123456

School Dispute 15-COMS-123456

Special Assessments 15-COSA-123456

Tax Deed 15-COTD-123456

Tax Objection 15-COTO-123456

Termination of Parental Rights 15-COAD-123456

Treatment (Mental Health) 15-COMH-123456

Treatment Contagious Disease 15-COMS-123456/15-COPH-123456

Unpaid Tax Bid 15-COMS-123456

Vacate Tax Sale 15-COVT-123456

Criminal Division

Contempt of Court 15-ACC-123456

Habeas Corpus 15-HCC-123456

Indictment 15-CR-1234567

Information 15-CR-123456

Miscellaneous Remedies 15-MR-1234567

Search Warrant (pre-charge) 15-9-12345

Domestic Relations Division 15-D-123456

Domestic Violence Division

Civil 15-OP-12345

Criminal 15-DV-12345

Elder Law and Miscellaneous Remedies Division (civil actions) 15-EL-123456

Law Division 15-L-123456

Probate Division 15-P-123456

Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Department

Child Protection Division 15-JA-12345

Juvenile Justice Division 15-JD-12345

Municipal Department 

District 1

Civil 15-M1-123456


Complaint (Misdemeanor or Felony) 15-MC1-123456

Fugitive (Interstate only) Warrant or Complaint 15-MC1-123456

Information (Felony)15-C1-1234567

District 2

Civil 15-M2-123456


Complaint (Misdemeanor or Felony) 15-MC2-123456

Fugitive (Interstate only) Warrant or Complaint 15-MC2-123456

Information (Felony) 15-C2-1234567

District 3

Civil 15-M3-123456


Complaint (Misdemeanor or Felony) 15-MC3-123456

Fugitive (Interstate only) Warrant or Complaint 15-MC3-123456

Information (Felony) 15-C3-1234567

District 4

Civil 15-M4-123456


Complaint (Misdemeanor or Felony) 15-MC4-123456

Fugitive (Interstate only) Warrant or Complaint 15-MC4-123456

Information (Felony) 15-C4-1234567

District 5

Civil 15-M5-123456


Complaint (Misdemeanor or Felony) 15-MC5-123456

Fugitive (Interstate only) Warrant or Complaint 15-MC5-123456

Information (Felony) 15-C5-1234567 

District 6

Civil 15-M6-123456


Complaint (Misdemeanor or Felony) 15-MC6-123456

Fugitive (Interstate only) Warrant or Complaint 15-MC6-123456

Information (Felony) 15-C6-1234567 

Any changes conforming to the numbering system set forth in this General Order 6.2 (a) implemented prior to November 2, 2015, are hereby approved.

(b) Pending Actions – Each action pending on December 31, 1963, in any given court in or for Cook County shall retain the number given in the court in which the action was filed prior to Jan. 1, 1964, and pleadings, orders, judgments and other papers subsequently filed shall bear the number so given. Unless expressly provided otherwise in the circuit rules or the general orders of this court, each action pending in the court on November 2, 2015, shall retain the number it had on that date, and pleadings, orders, and other papers subsequently filed shall bear the same number.

(c) Remanded Actions – Every action remanded by the Appellate Court or the Supreme Court for a new trial or hearing, upon reinstatement, shall retain the same case number, unless otherwise ordered by the Presiding Judge, or the Presiding Judge's designee, of the Division or District in which the case is pending to be renumbered by the circuit clerk. The case shall be set for hearing or trial on teh motion of either party or the court.


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