GENERAL ORDER NO. 6.5 - Forms of Record

The Clerk of the Court shall keep the records of the court in the following manner:

(a) Forms of entries. He shall use abbreviated forms of entries of the proceedings, orders and judgments of the court, which abbreviated forms of entries shall have the same force and effect as if the proceedings, orders and judgments were entered in full on the records of the court. Any entry of a final order or judgment shall be deemed sufficient which will inform any person of ordinary intelligence what the court intended to order or adjudge, and it shall not be necessary to the validity of such final order or judgment that the record should recite all the preliminary proceedings leading up to such final order or judgment, but all such necessary preliminary proceedings shall be presumed to have been taken in the absence of anything appearing in the record of the case to the contrary.

(b) Half-sheets. He shall keep a half-sheet in the file of each case in the Municipal Department which shall contain a record (1) of papers and documents filed, (2) of all proceedings had, and (3) of all orders and judgments entered in the case, in manner provided in paragraph (a) of this order.

The half-sheet shall constitute part of the official court record in each case.

[Dated January 6, 1977.] 

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