GENERAL ORDER NO. 17.5 - Supervisor of Jurors

(a) The Chief Judge shall designate a supervisor of jurors.

(b) The supervisor of jurors shall be in charge of summoned jurors. He shall regulate assignments of jurors to the judges and supervise and keep records of their service.

(c) No person summoned to serve as juror may be excused except by the presiding judge.

(d) The Jury Commissioners shall furnish the supervisor of jurors with the jury list and a juror's card containing the number, name and address of each prospective juror. If a prospective juror is excused by the presiding judge, the supervisor of jurors shall stamp or write the word "Excused" on the jury list opposite the name of the juror.

(e) The name of a juror summoned, but not found, is marked "Not Found" opposite his name on the jury list.

(f) If a juror is "Excused" by the presiding judge or "Not Found" his card is returned to the Jury Commissioners.

(g) Each juror shall wear a juror's badge bearing his service number.

(h) All juror's cards shall remain in the custody of the supervisor of jurors. When a juror is assigned the card shall be sent to the trial judge in whose custody it shall remain until the juror returns to the Jurors' Assembly Room. The card shall be returned immediately to the supervisor of jurors.

(i) A judge desiring a jury shall send a bailiff with his request to the supervisor of jurors. The supervisor of jurors shall use a revolvable hopper in which he shall deposit pellets numbered to correspond with the jury service numbers on the cards, and shall draw from the hopper as many pellets as the number of jurors requested. The cards corresponding to the numbers on the pellets drawn shall be given to the bailiff, who shall call the jurors named on the cards. The jurors shall then accompany the bailiff to the courtroom.

(j) Jurors shall be called into the jury box in numerical order beginning with the lowest numbered on odd-numbered days of the month and beginning with the highest number on even-numbered days of the month. After the jury is selected, the judge shall direct the remaining jurors to return to the Jurors' Assembly Room and their cards shall be returned immediately to the supervisor of jurors.

(k) Immediately upon the termination of each day of service of any juror before a trial judge, the minute clerk shall require the juror to sign his name on the card on a line for each day served before that particular judge. The minute clerk signs his own name and stamps the trial judge's name on lines provided therefor on the same card; each juror remaining in the Jurors' Assembly Room any day without assignment to a trial court, shall, before being discharged for the day, sign his name on his card and the supervisor of jurors shall subscribe his name in the space provided therefor.

(l) The supervisor of jurors shall keep uniform records of all assignments of jurors including the judges to whom they were assigned, the date and hour of the assignment and the date and hour that the jurors and cards are returned from the trial judge. Similar records shall be kept by the deputy sheriff assigned to the jury room.

(m) At the conclusion of the service of each juror, the supervisor of jurors shall compute the number of days served and the mileage fee to be paid and shall certify upon the jurors' card the amount due to the juror from the County, and shall prepare a payroll sheet. The juror shall sign his name to the certificate printed upon the card and a voucher showing the amount due for his service.

(n) The supervisor of jurors shall forward the vouchers and payroll sheets to the county comptroller for payment.

(o) The cards of the jurors who have served shall be delivered to the clerk of the Criminal Division and shall be retained as a permanent record regardless of the length of the juror's service.

[Dated July 14, 1967.]

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