GENERAL ORDER NO. 17.6 - Official Court Reporter

(a) At the direction of the presiding judge, the official court reporters in the Criminal Division shall elect three of their members as a committee. One member of the committee shall be selected as chairman.

(b) At the request of the presiding judge, the chairman shall detail the activities of each reporter.

(c) The committee shall assign reporters to individual court rooms and shall be responsible for adequate court reporting in each court room. The committee shall provide each judge in the Criminal Division with a reporter unless the assigned reporter is excused by the judge.

(d) All shorthand notebooks, stenotapes and other recording devices used by the reporters shall be delivered to the clerk within thirty (30) days after completion of the proceedings, for safekeeping, and shall remain in a vault in the clerk's office. The clerk shall issue a receipt for the notebooks and other records and shall retain a copy of the receipt.

(e) All stenographic notebooks, stenotapes and other records delivered to the clerk shall be retained by him unless otherwise ordered by a judge of the Criminal Division. Notebooks taken from the possession of the clerk shall be returned within thirty (30) days unless otherwise ordered by the judge.

[Dated July 14, 1967.]

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