GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER No.: 2019-09 Circuit Court of Cook County Judicial Election Committee

So that Cook County Cir. Ct. R. 0.2 (eff. July 30, 2001) may be effectively implemented,

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that a Judicial Election Committee is established for the circuit
court of Cook County;

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Honorable Raymond L. Jagielski, Presiding Judge, Fifth
Municipal District, is hereby appointed Chairman of the Judicial Election Committee;

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that, the following judges are hereby appointed to serve as
members of the Judicial Election Committee:

Honorable Mary Ellen Coghlan, Presiding Judge, Probate Division
Honorable Mary Kathleen McHugh, Circuit Judge, First Municipal District
Honorable Maritza Martinez, Circuit Judge, Domestic Relations Division
Honorable Shelley Sutker-Dermer, Presiding Judge, Second Municipal District
Honorable Raul Vega, Presiding Judge, Domestic Violence Division
Honorable Thaddeus L. Wilson, Circuit Judge, Criminal Division
Honorable E. Kenneth Wright, Jr., Presiding Judge, First Municipal District

Dated this 19th day of July, 2019.

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