GENERAL ORDER NO. 19.3 - Criteria for Dispute Resolution Centers Seeking to Qualify for Funding

In order to qualify for funding, a dispute resolution center must demonstrate that it has satisfied the following criteria:

A. Number of Cases Previously Resolved. It has resolved at least one hundred (100) disputes in each of the previous three twelve (12) month periods ending November 30 of each year. A case shall be deemed resolved when a written agreement setting forth the obligations of the disputants is signed by all such disputants. Such cases may have been referred from the courts or from other sources.

B. Training of Mediators. All of its mediators have satisfactorily completed thirty (30) or more hours of training in conflict resolution techniques as offered by the dispute resolution center or an entity recognized by them.

C. Peer Review. It has established or participated in a peer review program in which mediators must be regularly evaluated during actual mediations.

D. Mediation Scheduling. It schedules all mediations to take place within thirty (30) days of referral to the center except for good cause.

E. Explanation of Mediation to Disputants. Both its staff and a mediator advise disputants prior to mediation of the objectives of mediation, the function of the mediator and the role of the disputants in the mediation process.

F. Record keeping. It maintains records which, subject to the confidentiality provision in Section 6 of the Illinois Not-For-Profit Dispute Resolution Center Act, shall be available for inspection by the Office of the Chief Judge. Such records shall include audited financial statements and case information (including statistics on referral sources, dispute types and outcomes of mediation). Such records shall be maintained for a period of seven (7) years from the date that the records are submitted to the Chief Judge.

[Dated March 9, 1989.]


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