13.3.2 Proof of Income

(a) In all proceedings where a Rule 13.3.1  Financial Affidavit is required, each party shall serve upon the other party, together with the Financial Affidavit, copies of the party's last two (2) calendar years’ filed individual, partnership and corporate federal and state income tax returns, the most recent pay stub showing year-to-date earnings and deductions therefrom, or if the year-to-date information is not provided by the employer, the five (5) most recent pay stubs, and records of any year-to-date additional income and compensation (paid and deferred) not reflected in the pay stubs. Where a party has not yet filed a federal or state income tax return for the prior calendar year, the last filed year’s return shall be served upon the opposing parties as well as all W-2's, 1099's and K-1's received necessary for preparation of the prior year's return.

(b) The time for delivery of the aforesaid proof of income documents shall be tolled pursuant to Rule 13.3.1(g).

(c) The Certificate of Service required to be filed by Rule 13.3.1(d) shall include a description of the proof of income documents served with the  “Financial Affidavit.”

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