Motion Section Calendars

               Judge Melissa A. Durkin, Courtroom 2203, Calendar "C"
               Judge John H. Ehrlich, , Courtroom 2209, Calendar "H"
               Judge Kathy M. Flanagan, Supervising Judge, Courtroom 2210, Calendar "E"
               Judge Gerald Cleary, Courtroom 2202, Calendar "B"
               Judge Moira Susan Johnson, Courtroom 2201, Calendar "F"
               Judge Daniel Trevino, Courtroom 2208, Calendar "R"
               Judge James N. O'Hara, Courtroom 2206, Calendar "A"
               Judge Preston Jones, Courtroom 2205, Calendar "X"
               Judge Catherine Schneider, Courtroom 2207, Calendar "D"
               Judge Karen O'Malley, Courtroom 2204, Calendar "Z"

General Administrative Order 22-3 - Amendment to Law Division General Administrative Order 21-2, Section 1.11 Newly Filed Motions (All Sections)

Procedures for Remote Proceedings - Motion Section Calendars C, D, H AND Z 

GAO 2022-02: Case Management Order Amendments

Case Management Order - Category 1 Cases

Case Management Order - Category 2 Cases

PJI Motions Notice (7-20-22)

Sample HIPAA Protective Order (4-18-22)

In Re: COVID-19 Emergency Procedures


NOTICE: GAO 20-9, Para. 3.7(F) CMC ORDERS

Assignment Notice: Calendar Z

Final Notice: Elimination of E-Mail Court Proceedings - Calendars C, D, H, and Z

Zoom Notice of Motion

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