Forensic Clinical Services

Mission Statement

The Forensic Clinical Services Department provides the court with independent and unbiased forensic evaluations, testimony, and other consultations regarding adult criminal defendants, conducted pursuant to orders of the court.

History of Department

Established on May 5, 1914, by order of Chief Justice Harry Olson of the Municipal Court of Chicago, the Forensic Clinical Services Department has the distinction of being the nation’s first adult psychiatric court clinic. Presently, Forensic Clinical Services conducts approximately 2,000 evaluations each year and approximately 200 testimonies are provided by Forensic Clinical Services clinicians each year.

Contact Information

Forensic Clinical Services Office
Criminal Court Administration Building
10th Floor
(773) 674-6100

About Us

Forensic Clinical Services operates under the authority of the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, and the primary objective of Forensic Clinical Services is to perform diagnostic psychiatric, psychological, and social evaluations of criminal defendants ordered by judges of the Criminal Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, both at the George Leighton Criminal Courts Building at 26th Street and California Avenue in Chicago, and at the six Municipal Districts. The core forensic issues addressed by Forensic Clinical Services clinicians are fitness for trial, legal sanity/insanity, and the ability to understand Miranda warnings.

Case Types                                                                           

Forensic Clinical Services primarily work with the following divisions of the court, but also work with the Municipal Districts as needed.