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Look up a Case

Case Information

You can find court dates, hearings locations, party names, and other case information by searching online or calling the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Customer Service Call Center.


Make a payment


You can pay traffic tickets, fees, fines, and other court costs, like court diversion program payments, with the Clerk of the Circuit Court online or by phone with this Pay By Phone Guide

If you need help making a payment, you can call the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Customer Service Call Center at (312) 603-5030.


Find Remote Court (Zoom) Information

Zoom Information

You can find the Zoom information you need to appear for court remotely, like Zoom meeting IDs, passwords, and dial-in numbers below. 

If you need help finding Zoom information for court, you can call the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Customer Service Call Center at (312) 603-5030.

Helpful Resources

If you need help connecting Zoom for remote court, you can access a computer and get help from court staff in a courthouse Zoom Room (Remote Access Center).


Request a Court Service

You can find the information and forms needed to request an accommodation for a disability below.

Court Interpreters 
You can find more information about requesting a free interpreter from the court below:

Other Court Services


Start or Work on a Case

Court Forms

You can find many of the court forms you need to start, respond to, or take another step in your case below.

Filing & E-Filing

You submit court forms and other documents for your case by filing them. In Illinois, online filing (e-filing) is mandatory for most people.

If you need help e-filing, you can call the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Customer Service Call Center at (312) 603-5030 or Illinois Court Help at (833) 411-1121.

Exemptions from E-Filing

You may not have to e-file if an e-filing exemption applies to you. You can find more information and the form you need to fill out for an e-filing exemption below.

Filing Fees

Depending on your legal problem, you may have to pay to file your court paperwork. You can find filing fees below.

Fee Waivers

If you are unable to pay your filing fees, you may file an application to have them waived or reduced. 


Learn About a Courthouse

Courthouse Information
You can find information about transportation, parking, hours, holidays, items allowed in courthouses throughout the county below.


Contact the Court

Contact Information
You can find addresses, phone numbers, emails, and other contact information for the court and other government offices below.


Find a Lawyer to Hire

You may be able to find a lawyer to help you with all or part of your case. You can find information about free and for-hire attorneys below.

If you are looking for free legal help in Chicago or Cook County, you can get advice and referrals to other legal aid and pro bono attorneys by calling CARPLS.

Affordable & Flexible Fees
If you are looking for a lawyer who offers flexible fees and services at affordable rates, you can reach out to the JEP Lawyer Directory (Justice Entrepreneurs Project).

Traditional Fees
There are private lawyers available for hire throughout the Chicagoland area. You can use the Chicago Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service to help you find a lawyer with experience in the area of law you need.

Other Referral Services
You can learn more about other lawyer referral services and lawyer directories for Chicago and Cook County below.

  • Cook County Bar Association Lawyer Referral - (312) 630-1157    
  • Northwest Suburban Bar Association - (224) 404-4845
  • North Suburban Bar Association - (224) 935-6016
  • South Suburban Bar Association - (708) 633-9700
  • West Suburban Bar Association    
  • Southwest Bar Association of Chicago