Court Reports & Statistics

Court Reports and Statistics for the Circuit Court of Cook County

    The Pretrial Fairness Act (PFA) Dashboard is a cumulative summary of several initial decision points for criminal cases filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County since the Pretrial Fairness Act took effect on September 18, 2023. Data sources are: administrative data from the Enterprise Justice Case Management System (CMS) maintained by the Clerk of the Circuit Court; publicly available information on the daily jail and Sheriff’s electronic monitoring program; Public Safety Assessments; as well as assignments to and weekly pending caseloads for pretrial supervision, home confinement curfew, and GPS monitoring collected and maintained by Adult Probation – Pretrial Services and the Social Services Department. Summary data for the dashboard are compiled by staff from the Office of the Chief Judge

    The Department's Research Team provides monthly reports on pretrial electronic monitoring (EM) curfew populations, broken down by the most serious charge attached to a case (the "top charge"). These reports are typically updated in the middle of the month and provide a snapshot of the pretrial EM curfew population.

    Find weekly and monthly reports here

    Find more research and statistics from the Adult Probation Department here

    Information contained in the Daily Data Dashboard(s) below is based on the JTDC Population as of the morning midnight count. 

    Click on the below links to view the quarterly dashboard reports that present seven key performance measures being used to monitor implementation of the Model Bond Court initiative in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The release of these reports in May 2018 represented the first comprehensive release of performance measures related to bail reform. 

    The measures evaluate the following areas since the implementation of General Order 18.8A on September 18, 2017: Cook County Jail population trends; initial bond orders set among Public Safety Assessment felony defendants; d-bond dollar amount needed to secure initial release from custody; rate of pretrial release by initial bond order; court appearance rate; community safety rate; and assessment of risk for new violent criminal activity.

    Data Dashboard Reports: