Electronic Monitoring Population & Utilization Reports

The Adult Probation Department's Research Team monitors the Circuit Court's electronic monitoring programs on a daily basis and provides weekly and monthly reports to internal and external stakeholders. These reports are used to monitor and track trends in EM populations over time and in response to policy changes, statutory changes, and other contextual changes.

More information on the background and operations of the department's EM programs can be found here.

Monthly EM Reports by "Top Charge"

The Department's Research Team provides monthly reports on pretrial EM curfew populations, broken down by the most serious charge attached to a case (the "top charge"). These reports are typically updated in the middle of the month and provide a snapshot of the pretrial EM curfew population.

Weekly EM Demographic Reports

The Department's Research Team provides weekly reports on pretrial EM populations, broken down by several demographic characteristics. These reports are typically updated each Friday.

2024 Weekly EM Demographic Reports

    2023 Weekly EM Demographic Reports

      2022 Weekly EM Demographic Reports

        Weekly reports for Adult Probation's EM programs began in February 2022. January 2022 reports are not available.