Surety Section


The Surety Section is established pursuant to General Order No. 1.1(c) of the Circuit Court of Cook County. The Surety Section is responsible for:

  • the authorization of civil sureties and bond certificate guarantors;
  • the revocation of that authority;
  • the collection and enforcement of liabilities arising from civil surety and guarantor obligations; and
  • the general supervision of civil sureties, guarantors, and their agents.

Should you have any questions about Surety Section policies or procedures, or if you would like to request a paper copy of any materials, please contact

Main Location & Contact Information
Richard J. Daley Center
50 W. Washington St.
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Surety Desk - Room 801

Case Types

  • Civil Sureties
  • Bond Certificates, Bond Cards

Judges Information

This section provides a short list of judges serving in the Surety Section together with their courtroom location, room number, and telephone number. Click into each judge’s page to view their standing orders (if the judge has a standing order). Click “view all judges” to see a list of all Judges assigned to the Surety Section.
Judge Assignment Primary Location Phone
Gallagher, Carolyn J.
Circuit Judge
Probate Division, Surety Section
Richard J. Daley Center
Courtroom 1807
(312) 603-7546
(312) 603-7545

Zoom Information

    Zoom Meeting ID: 860 6605 6913
    Zoom Passcode: 101010

    Dial-in Number: (312) 626-6799