Markham Courthouse

General Information

For information on your court case in the Markham courthouse, including traffic and misdemeanor cases, please call:

The Clerk of the Circuit Court
(708) 232-4551

General Courthouse Information
(708) 232-4444

Contact Information
Hon. Tommy Brewer, Presiding Judge
Office of the Presiding Judge, Markham Courthouse
Phone (708) 232-4169
Fax (708) 232-4441

Parking and Directions

Parking is currently free in lot that is adjacent to the courthouse. Access is from both Kedzie Avenue and 167th Street. There are parking spaces available for persons with disabilities.

Location Services

    Contact Accessibility Services for accommodation requests and additional information about court services.

    ADA Accommodations available at the Markham Courthouse:

    • American Sign Language Interpreter (ASL)
    • Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI)
    • Assistive Listening Device (ALD)
      • Earphones for the hearing impaired for use in court are available in the Presiding Judge’s Office. The courtroom clerk will order them by request.
    • Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) 
      • CART is an interpretive captioning service only, and does not maintain or provide transcripts of the proceedings.
    • Reserved parking spaces for persons with disabilities in the parking lot.

    The Markham Courthouse Children's Room is located in Room 109. This facility accepts children between the ages of 2 and 12. For more information, please call (708) 232-4282. 

    The Circuit Court of Cook County provides Lactation Rooms for nursing parents who are visiting our courthouses. Room 204H is designated as the Lactation Room at this location. 

    Note for Jurors: Nursing parents who are called for jury duty can request access to a private space, upon their arrival to the Jury Assembly Room, in any court location. The Office of Jury Administration staff will direct individuals to these spaces upon request.

    Remote Access Center Location: Room LL071 (Lower Level)

    Total Number of computers: 8

    Phone Number: (708) 232-4004

    Sixth Municipal District Zoom Information

    Remote Court Proceedings Information

    The Interpreter Services Office within the Markham Courthouse is located in Room 202H and can be contacted at (708) 232-4443. Foreign Language Interpreters are available upon request. 

    If you require an American Sign Language interpreter, please contact Deaf & Hard of Hearing Access Services.

    Request a transcript of certain court proceedings from the Official Court Reporters.

    Below is a directory of agencies in the Sixth Municipal District courthouse in Markham:

    Department/AgencyRoom NumberPhone Number
    ADAS/CSI070(708) 232-4480
    Adult Probation136(708) 232-4230
    Assessor's Office237(708) 232-4100
    Board of Review237(708) 232-4116
    Cafeteria055(708) 333-5860
    Circuit Clerk's Office119(708) 232-4551
    Children's RoomFirst Floor(708) 232-4282
    Child Support 221(312) 345-2200
    County Clerk238(708) 232-4149
    Court Advocate
    (South Suburban Family Shelter)
    101-K(708) 232-4488
    Court Advocate
    (Crisis Center for South Suburbia)
    102-H(708) 232-4651
    Court Reporter245(708) 232-4410
    Custodial063-D(708) 232-4470
    Facilities Mgmt053(708) 232-4160
    Interpreter's Office202-H(708) 232-4443
    Jury Assembly Room219(708) 232-4130
    Juvenile Probation133(708) 232-4330
    Law Library072-A(708) 232-4125
    Lock Up049(708) 232-4455
    Pretrial Services024(708) 232-4652
    Public Defender135(708) 232-4360
    Recorder of Deeds238(708) 232-4448
    Sheriff's Office118(708) 232-4435
    Sheriff's Police131(708) 232-4000
    Social Services235(708) 232-4340
    State's Attorney220(708) 232-4040
    SWAP021(708) 232-4464
    TASCN/A(708) 596-8245