Juvenile Probation and Court Services Department

The Juvenile Probation and Court Services Department provides a myriad of supervision and intervention programs for minors under the age of 18 who have been found delinquent by the court. In each case where a child is found delinquent, the court carefully considers how it can best meet the needs of the child and at the same time ensure the protection of the public. A judge allows a juvenile to remain at home under supervision as long as the special conditions established by the court and the terms set by the probation officer are followed. The primary objectives of the Juvenile Probation and Court Services Department are threefold: (1) to respond with a plan of action that builds the competence of the minor (2) to redirect negative behavior while promoting accountability (3) to restore the victim and the community. The legal mandates of Probation and Court Services can be found in the Juvenile Court Act.


    To keep all court involved children in the community, where they can receive equitable, focused, individualized intervention and opportunities to prevent further system involvement and harm. 


    All children are protected, valued, and supported within their communities not criminalized, punished, or incarcerated for societal failings. Children do not have to be subjected to system involvement to access resources. 


    We see all children as whole people deserving of love, compassion and kindness, regardless of the circumstances that resulted in their court involvement. Therefore, we will provide fair, equitable, and individualized care and attention regardless of the child’s age, race, and gender. 

    We value all children’s right to thrive in their own community. Our department will focus on youth remaining in their home community and being involved in policy, program, and procedure decisions. Additionally, the youth/family/community is a partner in harm reduction, healing, and accountability decisions/work. 

    We recognize that everyone’s healing journey is unique, and the youth, families, and communities involved with probation will define what healing means for them. 

    We will be attentive, curious, and empathetic in our approaches, interactions, decision making, and documentation, and intentional in supporting growth and resilience. 

    We are hopeful and confident in the successful outcome for all children without exception, and strive to build connections with each other, the children, families, and communities, which is foundational in attaining positive change. 

    We are invested in each other’s personal and professional growth, will discard old ways of thinking that no longer serve our new mission, and incorporate innovative information that allows us to achieve best practices. In doing so, we will support each other through mistakes, uplift successes, and model authenticity, resiliency, creativity, collaboration, and consistent communication.