Frequently Asked Questions of the Juvenile Probation & Court Services Department

General FAQ

    The direct line is (312) 433-7102

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    Contact the intake number at (312) 433-7102.

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    The release area is on the Concourse Lower Level of the building. You must bring a photo ID.

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    The cost is $2.00. You must pay for your parking prior to leaving the parking garage at one of the pay boxes located in the front of the parking complex. You may pay with cash or credit card. 

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    Please escort your child to the nearest police station.

    Contact the school counselor, social worker, or a counseling agency in your neighborhood. You may also contact the local police station.

    The Clerk of the Circuit Court will be able to help you. That office is located in the Juvenile Court Center on the main level. The phone number is (312) 433-4881. The cost is $9.00 per sheet.

    You can click here or call (312) 433-7047. You must have the courtroom number or judge’s name as well as the minor’s last name.

    You can click here or call (312) 433-4300.

    Anyone with a history of involvement with the Cook County Juvenile Court, who has earned a high school diploma or a GED is eligible to apply for a Project Lifeline Scholarship.

    Benefits: Each Project Lifeline recipient is eligible to receive up to $6.000 is financial assistance per year in their pursuit of an Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree or professional certification. Each recipient is also eligible for up to $3,000 in tutoring assistance per year. The application period is January 1st to March 31st each year.

    Information: For more information contact Tom Schneider at (312) 914-1575 or email at

    Evening Reporting FAQ

      After court, a probation officer will contact you and your child. The program will be explained to you and contact information will be provided. A probation officer will contact you to set up a pick-up time. You child will be picked up at home by the RC staff, driven to the center, and driven back home after the program is over.

      Aunt Martha’s (South-East)
      23485 S. Western Avenue
      Park Forest, IL 69466
      (708) 679-8140

      Aunt Martha’s (Evanston)
      2010 Dewey Avenue
      Evanston, IL 60201
      (773) 741-9339

      Lawrence Hall (South)
      1818 E. 71st Street
      Chicago, IL 60649
      (773) 360-5113

      TASC (South)
      5222 S. Halsted St
      Chicago, IL 60636
      (312) 573-2949

      Y.O.S. Austin
      5910 W. Division Street
      Chicago, IL 60651
      (773) 777-7112

      Between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. for morning session.
      Between 3 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. for afternoon session.
      Between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. for weekend sessions.

      Nothing should be brought to the center including cell phones, hats, and money. Dinner is provided at no charge.

      No baggy pants. Clothing cannot display gang colors.

      There is one staff member for every five minors in the program. Supervision occurs at all times with all of the ERC clients.

      A child can be excused any time prior to being picked up as long as the ERC probation officer has been contacted. If it is a medical emergency, a doctor’s statement is sufficient if no prior notice is given.

      Medical and family crisis. Family should notify ERC probation officer at the time of the incident.

      Each ERC follows a structured curriculum which includes an educational component. Children can bring their books and school materials. They also participate in group discussion, have dinner, computer time and recreation.

      Please contact your child’s PO and ensure your child will be ready for RC pickup on the next day.

      No, the program is designed to drop off and pick up minors at home. This ensures the parent is aware the minor is cooperating with the program.

      Yes, there is one morning/midday RC session on the weekends. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

      This is a request you or your attorney can bring to the judge. The ERC does not perform urine drops.

      The RC program will make every effort to accommodate/help complete community service hours. 

      Contact the ERC probation officer or the supervisor. This contact information is provided to families at intake and there is an ERC probation officer who attends ERC daily.

      No, because the confidentiality of all youth in the program must be maintained.

      Not every day, but there may be a parent orientation.

      This varies depending on the date of the court order. In general, a child will attend until the next court date.

      This varies depending on the date of the court order. This information can be obtained from the officer at the ERC site.

      Electronic Monitoring FAQ

        Yes, the device is waterproof. Minors can take a shower with the device.

        The device must be charged for a full 2 hours. The charge must be a continuous 2 hours.

        The charge lasts for twenty-four hours so it is imperative that the device be charged every day.

        The light on the device has no significance to the minor. Please disregard the light on the device.

        A minor can perform household chores as long as they are indoor chores. The minor can’t step out of the house. The minor may throw out the garbage in the morning on the way to school or retrieve the mail on the way back from school.

        Yes. The charging cord must be brought to court on next court date.

        No. Minors must remain in their homes at all times. The only exceptions are going to school, court ordered activities, or medical emergencies.