Evictions (Forcible Entry and Detainer)

Forcible Entry and Detainer Section   
Circuit Court of Cook County 
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The Forcible Entry and Detainer Section of the Circuit Court of Cook County is a section within the First Municipal District. Because the Forcible Entry and Detainer Section hears cases that seek evictions from real estate premises, the section is commonly known as “Eviction Court.”

In the most frequently filed actions, litigants are seeking evictions to obtain one of the following results:

  • Possession of property (known as a “single action”);
  • Back rent and possession of property (known as a “joint action”); or
  • Condominium fees such as assessments and other fines.

There are other cases heard in the Forcible Entry and Detainer Section also.  These include:

  • lock-out cases, where landlords attempt to bypass proper eviction procedures and instead change the locks on the door or shut off utility services; and
  • distress for rent cases, where landlords seize tenants’ personal property to secure payment of past due rent. 

Eviction cases are also heard at the following courthouse locations:

Second Municipal District: Skokie Courthouse
Third Municipal District:    Rolling Meadows Courthouse
Fourth Municipal District:  Maywood Courthouse
Fifth Municipal District:     Bridgeview Courthouse
Sixth Municipal District:    Markham Courthouse 

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Eviction Court Video

The Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing (“LCBH”) created a short film, “Going to Eviction Court,” that helps prepare both landlords and tenants for eviction court. The video focuses on home evictions and introduces viewers to common eviction courtroom procedures. 
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