Marriage and Civil Union

By Appointment Only
Scheduled Monday through Friday at 3 p.m., check in by 2:30 p.m.
Closed Saturday, Sunday and court holidays
Limited to six (6) ceremonies per day
Room 219

At Marriage and Civil Union Court, couples are joined in marriage or civil union by a Cook County judge.

A valid marriage or civil union license and a $10.00 administrative fee are required.

Couples must obtain a marriage or civil union license at least one (1) day, but no longer than 60 days, prior to the ceremony.  Licenses are available from the Office of the County Clerk, Room 149 in the Second Municipal District courthouse.

Up to 15 guests are permitted to attend. Picture taking is allowed only in Room 219 where the ceremony will be performed.

To make an appointment, call or visit the Office of the Presiding Judge, Room 219, (847)470-7200.

Special Requests

  • For couples requesting to have a ceremony performed by a judge at a location other than the Second Municipal District courthouse, a list of retired judges who will perform the ceremony for a fee is provided.
  • For military weddings, the Office of the Presiding Judge will faciliate the paperwork required by the County Clerk’s Office to have it completed on the same day.


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