Released on 01/19/2022

The Executive Committee of the Circuit Court of Cook County has determined that the Hon. Judge William B. Raines must receive sensitivity training and gender bias counseling following comments he made to courtroom personnel earlier this month. 

Judge Raines made the comments on January 11 while on the bench in his courtroom to an assistant public defender and assistant state’s attorneys, according to an order issued late Tuesday by Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans, who convened the committee. The comments were likely a violation of the Illinois Code of Judicial Conduct, and the committee directed that the incident be referred to the Judicial Inquiry Board. 

Judge Raines appeared with counsel at the Tuesday committee meeting and expressed contrition, the order said. 

The Hon. Sophia H. Hall, presiding judge of the Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Resource Section, will monitor and mentor Judge Raines and report to the Executive Committee within 90 days on the status of the training and counseling, the order said. 

Because Judge Raines has been “publicly implicated in conduct that would likely constitute impropriety or an appearance of impropriety which threatens irreparable injury to the public,” Judge Evans ordered Judge Raines assigned to restricted duties or duties other than judicial duties in the office of the Presiding Judge in the First Municipal District. 

The Executive Committee is comprised of the supervising judges of all divisions and districts of the Circuit Court of Cook County.  


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