Standard Probation Supervision

Standard probation supervision is the department’s main supervision program, including around 80% of the department’s caseload. Standard supervision is a sentencing option that requires probationers to comply with court ordered conditions of probation, while they remain in the community. Probation officers use a combination of evidence-based supervision techniques and referrals to community-based treatment and resource providers to address individual needs and promote pro-social behavior change. Typical sentences to standard probation are 18-24 months.

Standard probation involves several levels of supervision, which are based on the results of a validated risk and needs assessment. Individuals who are assessed at a higher risk for violating conditions and reoffending are required to report to their probation officer more frequently. Those assessed at a lower risk report less frequently. The results of the assessment are also used to develop an individualized supervision plan to promote goal setting and address probation conditions. Probation officers work collaboratively with individuals under supervision to update the case plan as progress is made. When individuals are noncompliant with their conditions, they are subject to administrative sanctions by the department, or a formal violation hearing with the court.

    Standard Conditions of Probation

    Standard conditions of probation include:

    • Report to Adult Probation
    • Pay required reporting fees
    • Pay fines, fees, and court costs
    • Do not violate the criminal statute of any jurisdiction
    • Do not possess a firearm or other dangerous weapon
    • Notify Adult Probation of any address change
    • Do not leave the state of Illinois without approval
    • Comply with reporting and treatment requirements
    • Submit to DNA indexing (felony convictions only)

    Special Conditions of Probation

    Special conditions of probation may include, but are not limited to:

    • Pay restitution
    • Obtain or maintain employment
    • Attend school
    • Submit to random drug testing
    • Perform community service
    • Attend cognitive behavioral programming
    • Complete a behavioral health evaluation
    • Complete behavioral health treatment
    • Register as an offender on any specified registry lists
    • Observe a curfew

    Adult Probation Department Contact Information and Locations

    Standard Probation Supervision is offered at every Adult Probation Department location.

    If you are on probation and wish to speak to your probation officer and do not have his or her direct phone number, you should call the main number of the facility to which you report.

    ​​​​​Location & Contacts: Chicago

      Criminal Division Administration Building

      2650 S. California Avenue, Lower Level
      Chicago, Illinois 60608
      TEL: (773) 674-3282
      FAX: (773) 674-7352

      Domestic Violence Courthouse

      555 W. Harrison Street, Suite 3100
      Chicago, Illinois 60607
      TEL: (312) 325-9050
      FAX: (312) 325-9047

      Englewood Community Location

      845 W. 69th Street
      Chicago, Illinois 60621
      TEL: (773) 475-0625
      FAX: (773) 692-9215

      Harrison & Kedzie

      3150 W. Flournoy Street
      Chicago, Illinois 60612
      TEL: (773) 265- 8930
      FAX: (773) 265-8959

      Grand & Central

      5555 W. Grand Avenue
      Chicago, Illinois 60639
      TEL: (773) 804-6130
      FAX: (773) 804-6157

      111th & Ellis

      727 E. 111th Street
      Chicago, Illinois 60628
      TEL: (773) 982-3030
      FAX: (773) 982-3020

      ​​​​​Location & Contacts: Suburban Cook County


        Second Municipal District

        5600 Old Orchard Road, Room 249
        Skokie, Illinois 60076
        TEL: (847) 470-7370
        FAX: (847) 470-7533

        Rolling Meadows

        Third Municipal District

        2121 Euclid Avenue
        Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008
        TEL: (847) 818-2330
        FAX: (847) 818-2943


        Fourth Municipal District

        1500 S. Maybrook Drive, Room 222
        Maywood, Illinois 60153
        TEL: (708) 865-6014
        FAX: (708) 865-4799


        Fifth Municipal District

        10220 S. 76th Avenue, Room 57
        Bridgeview, Illinois 60455
        TEL: (708) 974-6330
        FAX: (708) 974-6070


        Sixth Municipal District

        16501 S. Kedzie Parkway
        Markham, Illinois 60428
        TEL: (708) 232-4230
        FAX: (708) 232-4212