Probate Mediation Calendar 14

Presiding Judge Daniel B. Malone handles the Probate Division’s Mediation Calendar 14, in Courtroom 1803A.  

Any probate judge may order the following matters pending in Probate to mediation by entering a Transfer Order, after a finding of adjudication has been entered: 

  1. Decedents Estates 
  2. Minor Guardianship
  3. Adult Guardianship 

Mediations shall be conducted by appointment and only upon agreement by all parties. All parties in interest must participate in the mediation in good faith. Their appearance is required with authority to settle. If any party is unwilling to compromise, they should not request mediation.



Courtroom Clerks do not have phone access. 
For inquiries regarding courtesy copies, scheduling, zoom information, and proposed orders, please first review Judge Malone’s Standing Order. [which one?]

For administrative or procedural inquiries, contact Joseph Fleming at (312) 603-7546 or or the Probate Division Staff Attorney at (312) 603-7545 or


Mediation Court Forms

To access forms routinely used in the Probate Division Mediations, click on the links below.

  • Calendar 14 Transfer Order
  • Adult Guardianship Mediation Memorandum
  • Adult Guardianship Pretrial Memorandum
  • Decedent Mediation Memorandum
  • Decedent Pretrial Memorandum
  • Minor Guardianship Mediation Memorandum
  • Minor Guardianship Pretrial Memorandum