Honorable Thaddeus L. Wilson, Circuit Judge


  • Chancery Division
  • Courtroom 2307
  • Calendar 1

Contact Information

Richard J. Daley Center
50 W. Washington St.
Chicago, Illinois 60602
(312) 603-6840
Courtroom 2307


Law Clerk

Virgil Robertson
(312) 603-6078

Law Clerk

(312) 603-6840

Court Clerk

Sonal P. Joshi
Clerk’s Office 
(312) 603-5133

Court Schedule

Event Day & Time
Clerk Status and Set Matters

Monday – Thursday 9:30 a.m.

Motion Call, Case Management, Set Matters

Monday – Thursday 10 a.m.

Set Matters and Status Hearings

Monday – Thursday 11 a.m.

Set Matters

Monday - Friday - 9:30 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 2 p.m.

Court Appearances

    Effective March 1, 2022, unless otherwise ordered by the Court, all cases on Calendar 1 will be heard in-person in Courtroom 2307 and simultaneously via Zoom (also known as a Hybrid Court Proceeding).

    At the discretion of the Court, some matters may be set for fully in-person, fully remote or for hybrid court appearances. Some parties may be ordered to appear in-person only while others for the same proceeding are allowed to appear via Zoom.

    General Chancery Calendar 1 matters are heard in Courtroom 2307 of the Richard J. Daley Center. Attorneys, litigants, and spectators should be seated quietly in the courtroom gallery until their case is called. There is no need to check in with the court clerk.

    Please be mindful that the court camera and audio system transmit the video and audio of all occupants in the courtroom to those participating on Zoom.

    Zoom Information

      To join the Calendar 1 Zoom hearings, please use the link Chancery Calendar 1 Zoom Link or enter the following Zoom credentials:  

      Meeting ID: 876 8729 8501 / Passcode: 926987.

      To access via telephone use dial-in number: (312) 626-6799 plus enter the Meeting ID and Passcode above.

      Or Scan QR Code: 

      • Telephonic appearances will not be allowed. All Zoom participants must have audio and video capabilities, unless an exception is made by the Court for extenuating circumstances.
      • When signing into Zoom, please type in your appearance using the following nomenclature:
        • Atty Last Name - P - Party Name  
        • Atty Last Name - D - Party Name
        • P - Party Name
        • D - Party Name
        • Atty Last Name - Intervenor Party Name
        • Intervenor Party Name
        • CrtRptr Last Name – Case Name
        • CrtRptr Last Name – Case Name
        • Observer Last Name
        • Interpreter Last Name
      • You must enter your name information PRIOR TO joining the Zoom session. Parties not properly identified will not be admitted into the Zoom session.
      • Please have both your audio and video turned off until your case is called.

      Occasionally, court proceedings may be livestreamed via YouTube when public access necessitates. This is not the same as Extended Media Coverage, which requires specific requests and procedures under Supreme Court Rules.

      Recording, photographing, videotaping or other reproducing or saving Zoom or Livestreamed court proceedings is strictly prohibited and could subject you to contempt of court and/or other penalties. Additionally, livestreamed YouTube and Zoom hearings are unavailable for use as transcripts or bystander reports. If you wish to have an official report of proceedings, please retain the services of a court reporter.

      To request an interpreter, contact ccc.chancerycalendar1@cookcountyil.gov at least two (2) days prior to the hearing.  The Court has the ability to enable language interpretation to designate four participants as the interpreter(s) in the proceeding.  The language interpreters must identify themselves for the record.

      The court does not provide official court reporters for matters heard in the Chancery Division. Court proceedings utilizing Zoom are also not recorded.  The party or parties desirous of the services of a court reporter will need to retain and pay for such services directly.

      Obtaining Copies of Entered Orders

        Copies of entered court orders may be obtained from the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s online filing system or through the Clerk’s courtesy copy e-mail notification system.

        To receive copies of entered orders through the Clerk Office’s automated system, you must have an individual appearance and valid email address on file for each case.  The automated notification is usually sent from the e-mail address: courtesyorders2@cookcountycourt.com or similarly named account.

        Do not contact chambers for copies of orders. Please login to the e-filing system with the same credentials used to file pleadings to retrieve a copy of the entered orders.

        If you are not receiving the automated courtesy copies of entered orders:

        1. Check your spam folder, if you do not see them in your inbox.
        2. Verify that you have an appearance and valid e-mail address on file for each individual case.
        3. Contact your e-filing service provider or contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Office directly for further assistance.



        Chancery Division Services

        50 West Washington St., Room 802, Chicago, IL 60602



        Monday - Friday: 8:30 am-4:30 pm