GENERAL ORDER NO. 1.1 - Administration

The Office of the Chief Judge has general administrative authority in the court and includes the following sections:

(a) - Administrative Section

(b) - Non-Judicial Section

(c) - Surety Section (to include authorization of sureties, revocation of authority, collection and enforcement of liabilities arising from surety obligations and general supervision of sureties and their agents)

(d)-Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Resource Section (to include facilitation of the extension of services to juveniles throughout the County of Cook, to provide liaison with the business, religious and academic communities, bar associations, and treatment professionals in identifying and developing community and other resources to augment the programs and services vital to the Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Divisions, to expand education programs for judges, attorneys, and others involved in actions in the Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Divisions, and to promote the expansion of cost efficient alternative legal representation for named parties in cases in the Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Divisions)

[Amended, effective August 1, 1996.]

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General Order
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