Surety Section 
Office of the Chief Judge
Domestic Violence Courthouse 
555 W. Harrison, Suite 4400
Chicago, IL 60607

(312) 325-9000
(312) 603-6673 TTY
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Honorable Raul Vega
Supervising Judge

The Surety Section is established pursuant to General Order No. 1.1(c) of the Circuit Court of Cook County.  The Surety Section is responsible for the authorization of civil sureties and bond certificate guarantors, the revocation of that authority, the collection and enforcement of liabilities arising from civil surety and guarantor obligations, and the general supervision of civil sureties, guarantors, and their agents.

For information on civil sureties, click here.

For a list of currently authorized civil surety companies (ordered alphabetically) and their respective attorneys-in-fact, click here.

For information on bond certificate guarantors, click here.

For information for Law Enforcement Officers on Bond Cards, click here.

Should you have any questions about Surety Section policies or procedures, or if you would like to request a paper copy of any materials, please contact the chambers of: 

Honorable Raúl Vega
Supervising Judge, Surety Section
Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois 

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