Post Judgment and Miscellaneous Remedies Section

The Post-Judgment and Miscellaneous Remedies Section of the Circuit Court of Cook County is a section within the First Municipal District. Judges in this section preside over post-judgment and supplementary proceedings. In addition, they hear original actions such as replevin, detinue, confession of judgment, and petitions to revive judgments. 

Post-judgment proceedings include enforcement of a judgment, supplementary proceedings, non-wage garnishment and wage deduction proceedings. A supplementary proceeding is a vehicle to discover or examine a judgment debtor’s assets, or to prohibit judgment debtors from transferring assets.

Information regarding courtroom procedures for the Post Judgment and Miscellaneous Remedies Section is available in Room 1401 Standing Order (March 17, 2021). The Order applies to all proceedings in Room 1401 from March 17, 2021, forward. The most significant changes to our Standing Order are that all submissions will now be to a single email address,, and all Motions are by request only, using the Notice of Motion form at Appendix B-2. There is no longer an 8:45 Routine Motion Call. The Court will set all Motion hearings. The only time Zoom instructions should be sent are for judgment debtor Citation examinations and Replevin/Detinue service of process. Third-party Citation Return Dates are an answer date only. No Zoom instructions should be sent with third-party Citations, and no one should appear unless the Court sets a hearing on the third-party Citation.

If you have been served with a Citation or received a Notice of a Citation or a Garnishment (including a Wage Garnishment), please read this important information.

    Contact Information

    For inquiries regarding the Post Judgment and Miscellaneous Remedies Section, call (312) 603-4372 or visit the Richard J. Daley Center, Room 1401.

    Email to request a court hearing. 

    Additional Resources

    Court forms are available from the Clerk of the Circuit Court

    Additional information for people without lawyers can be found here.

    Additional Information About Room 1401

    1. Until further notice, cases scheduled in Room 1401 shall be conducted by remote appearance (by Zoom or teleconference). 
    2. Click Remote Court Instructions for Zoom and telephonic participation instructions.
    3. All participants are responsible for accessing and joining the Zoom proceeding. The Court will not contact the parties to join the proceeding.
    4. All attorneys and self-represented litigants must provide their email address and telephone number to each other.
    5. All courtroom rules and procedures shall be observed in all remote proceedings, including use of proper decorum, proper dress, and appropriate language.
    6. Recording of these remote proceedings is strictly prohibited by operation of Illinois Supreme Court Rule 68(A)(8).
    7. One or two days in advance of all hearings, parties shall submit their proposed Order (in a separate, stand-alone pdf file) and supporting materials (all in a single pdf file) to The pdf files must be titled using the file-naming convention set forth in the Room 1401 Standing Order. Firms may no longer submit paper copies of their filings and proposed Orders.