Adoption Court Procedures

The content on this website is not legal advice. This page is intended to provide basic information about the legal process, statutes, local court rules, and general court administration to assist people without lawyers in navigating the adoption process. 

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Filing a Case

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is responsible for accepting filings, which must be filed electronically. To learn more about electronic filing and to access a step-by-step guide, click here. For assistance with e-filing, you may contact the Clerk’s Office either by emailing or calling 312-603-5030.

Please note that certain groups and filings have been exempted from the electronic filing requirement. For more information and to learn whether you are exempted, click here.

For more information about the procedure for or costs associated with filing, please visit the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s website.

Learn more about filing an adoption case, including the petition requirements, hearing procedures and other requirements, review the court's resource guide: Basics of Adoption Court for Self-Represented Litigants.