Cook County Juvenile Justice Redeploy

Restore Justice, Rebuild Families and Re-Engage our Youth

The Cook County Juvenile Justice Redeploy Initiative uses the community hub approach.  Each Redeploy Hub is an alternative to a youth being incarcerated in the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice. The Redeploy Initiative is a collaborative effort between the Juvenile Justice system and the community. The Circuit Court of Cook County Juvenile Justice Division collaborates with National Youth Advocate Program and Youth Outreach Services to provide intensive evidence-based services to our highest risk population.  These services are provided in a coordinated approach that is trauma-informed and has a public safety approach. Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago is the evaluation partner.

Youths report to the Redeploy Hub daily, Monday through Friday. Families are involved in their youth’s treatment planning and are given regular updates. Each youth receives a mentor who offers support, guidance and friendship. Each hub has education and vocation activities with positive youth activities and recreation.

Through the use of qualified staff and a specialized curriculum, Redeploy Hubs seek to achieve the following goals: 

  • Collaboration between the Redeploy Providers, the court, attorneys, Juvenile Probation and the youth and family are our key to success. 
  • Work with the youth and their team to build support systems to ensure long-term success.
  • Instill hope in the youth for the future
  • Increase community connections for all youth
  • Safety planning for all youth when needed
  • Successful reintegration back to the community
  • Mentors building strong relationships with youth and family
  • Assess educational needs and youth’s employment opportunities
  • Engaging the youth’s family with support
  • Immediate integrated services

Contact Information

Mark Werner
Director of Juvenile Redeploy Services