Veterans Treatment Court

The Reserve and National Guard service members have provided or are currently providing an invaluable service to our country. In doing so, some may suffer from the effects of, including but not limited to, post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, depression and may also suffer from drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse problems. As a result of this, some veterans or active duty service members come into contact with the criminal justice system and are charged with felony or misdemeanor offenses.

Participant Handbook (2022)

The Cook County Veterans Treatment Court is a unique program specifically designed for individuals who have served in the United States military and have become involved in the criminal justice system. Those who agree to volunteer for the program are reviewed for eligibility by the State’s Attorney’s Office in order to ensure that their criminal background meets eligibility requirements.

The Veterans Treatment Court Team consists of:

    Program Goals

    Mission / Goals

    The mission of the Cook County Veterans Treatment Court is to assist those who have served in the United States military to reduce their risk of further involvement in the criminal justice system in the future and to improve their overall quality of life. This mission is achieved through the combined efforts of the Veterans Treatment Court Team and the community, under the supervision of the Court.

    The ideal outcome of this program is for the participants to remove themselves from the criminal justice system and self-destructive behaviors in order to become productive members of society with a renewed sense of self-respect and dignity. 

    Candidate Requirements


    Veterans and service members are eligible for Veterans Treatment Court if their enrollment in the program is approved by the court and is agreed upon by the prosecutor and the defendant.

    A defendant will be excluded from the Veterans Court Treatment Program if:

    • The crime is of violence
    • The defendant does not demonstrate a willingness to participate in a treatment program
    • The defendant has been convicted of a crime of violence within the past 10 years excluding incarceration
    • The defendant has previously completed or has been discharged from the Veterans Treatment Court Program within three years of that completion or discharge.

    Participant Requirements

    Program Design

    The Cook County Veterans Treatment Court is a highly structured program that requires a great deal of its participants, but also offers an extensive array of services to its participants.  Below is a list of the expectations of Veterans Court Treatment participants:

    • Plead guilty to original charge
    • Sign a treatment/participation contract with the Court
    • Appear at all court dates
    • Report to probation officer at all schedules meetings
    • Report to VA case manager at all scheduled appointments
    • Avoid all illegal substances and alcohol throughout program participation
    • Submit to random drug testing whenever directed to do so by any member of the participants treatment team
    • Adhere to all recommendations of the Veterans Treatment Court Team, including inpatient and outpatient treatment
    • Report all changes in participant’s status to his/her probation officer immediately
    • Avoid all criminal behaviors
    • Never be in possession of any weapon
    • Attend self-help and/or 12-step programs as required
    • Perform 36 hours of community services as required

    Non-compliance with the requirements of the Veterans Treatment Court will result in a clear and timely response from the Court.  The punishment will include sanctions determined by the Court based on the severity of the violation.



    Criminal Division, Chicago, IL
    2nd Municipal District, Skokie, IL
    3rd Municipal District, Rolling Meadows, IL
    4th Municipal District, Maywood, IL
    5th Municipal District, Bridgeview, IL
    6th Municipal District, Markham, IL