Hearing Officers in Domestic Relations Cases

Domestic Relations Division Hearing Officers are quasi-judicial officers that litigants may appear before during the course of litigation for a variety of reasons. Both self-represented litigants and attorneys may appear before Hearing Officers for court proceedings.    

DRD Hearing Officers:

  • Conduct hearings on contested financial issues
  • Take testimony
  • Review evidence
  • Make recommendations for final orders
  • Review cases for prove-up readiness and completion of documents
  • Draft Agreed or Recommended Orders and Judgments

Cases are referred to Hearing Officers by court order.

Hearing Officers are not mediators, nor do they provide legal advice.

Benefits of Appearing before a Hearing Officer: 

  • Litigants are educated about the court process
  • Hearing Officers prepare customized resources and draft necessary documents
  • Less contentious cases may be resolved with only two (2) or three (3) court appearances